Why Dressing Up Is Important For Child Development

Why Dressing Up Is Important For Child Development
Posted on Jan 17, 2023

It is a hectic Monday morning and you are getting late for office; every minute is precious and you don’t want to be late. But wait! You have to dress your kid and you are running short of time. It is instances like these that make you realize the importance of teaching your child how to get him dressed.

Well, if your kid learns to get dressed himself, it will be beneficial for both of you. Your kids need to learn the process of dressing as it will boost their sense of independence, confidence, and will be counted as a little achievement on their part.

We insist on all newborn baby essentials when they are little, but it is time to step back let them take the lead. Once your child masters the skill of dressing, it will lessen the responsibility from your shoulders as well. 

Why Making Your Child Dress Himself?

Learning how to dress plays a significant role in the natural process of development of a kid. It develops confidence, self-dependence and many other useful skills. Let us explore some important reasons why you should make your kid learn dressing…

To develop the fine motor skills: These skills refer to coordinating small muscle movements such as picking small things between a finger and the thumb. A child develops this skill when he learns to fasten his zips and buttons.

To develop gross motor skills: This skill refers to the use of the large muscles of the body like running, walking, jumping, crawling, etc. Kids learn this skill when they stand on one leg to pull their pants on. 

To develop cognitive skills: This skill relates to the mental process of discerning things. This skill includes thinking, remembering, learning and being aware. Kids develop this skill as they remember what sort of clothing should go on first. It also builds attention and patience.

To create an awareness of time and space: kids become aware of space and time through dressing for different occasions and weather conditions. This results into understanding in kids to choose between different dresses.

Dressing up doesn’t just refer to putting on clothes. It incorporates various senses of clothing such as:

  • Picking up the appropriate clothes according to the weather and time
  • Deciding the right clothes
  • Doing up zips and buttons
  • Getting waistbands and collars comfortable
  • Getting the socks in right way
  • Putting and taking off the shoes and clothes
  • Kids-play-dressups

What’s Your Role?

As a parent, you play a significant role in making your child learn how to dress. There are some certain dos and don’ts that you must keep under consideration.

Make them learn by example: For many kids, a simple lesson in how to put on clothes will be highly helpful. You can show it by putting on your own clothes and ask your child to mirror your steps. You must give a sort of running commentary on what you are doing while you are dressing them. This can be a very effective way to make them learn how to dress.

Make the process simple: Simple process can do wonders if done correctly. You can start making your kid learn how to dress up using dresses that are simple to put on: clothes that don’t have snaps, buttons or zippers are easy to wear for kids. In addition to this, large openings and elastic waistbands are also kid-friendly. Clothes that have tags on their back are easy for kid to distinguish, which is the front and which is the backsides.

Put the clothes within the reach of your kid: If the clothes of your kid are hanging high in the closet, it will be hard for them to access it. Put all the clothes some place easy to access. Offer your kid a few choices of outfits.

Their opinion is important: It is an obvious thing that after learning how to get dressed, the child will have its own opinion regarding what it wants to wear. It is certainly a good thing as they are learning to express their opinions. If the clothes is weather appropriate, let your child wear what he likes – his taste will soon become more pronounced.

Give them time and have patience: Getting dressed is never an easy task for a child. Thus, you should not lose patience. It is important for you to avoid any sort of rush. In the learning days child takes his time to understand the basics. Keep patience and never urge to get your kid dressed yourself. They will not learn anything if you continue stepping into every step.

Keep praising: Learning how to dress is certainly not an overnight task for children. Praising is the key for your child to learn the things faster. If your kid comes to you wearing a sandal on the wrong foot or a shirt not buttoned, help him fix it. In addition to this, praise him for their efforts. It will make kids comfortable in their attempt to dress up on his own.

Buy Attractive Clothes for Your Toddlers

Kids love nice clothes – give them the best clothes to wear and they will be more interested in dressing up themselves. Following some basic rules, you can pick ideal clothes for kids and give them appealing and attractive appearance.

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