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Lisa and Jo. The pair behind Crafty Pear

We met for the first time at a playgroup in 2009 with our toddlers when we were both pregnant with our second children. We immediately hit it off and both us and the children have remained friends ever since.

We came from very different work backgrounds. Lisa was a vet so she swapped the operating table for cutting table and suturing for a sewing machine. Jo brings a creative flare having worked in costume and wig departments on tour and on ... Read more

Quality Handmade Children’s Fashion Brand based in London

Our handmade designs for babies and young children are made to order. You choose the style and fabrics, and we do the rest, hand-finishing every garment and delivering it to your door. Children know what they like to wear and how they want to look, but they also like to use their clothes as napkins and overalls. Our fabrics stand up to the rigours of every little one's day. After all, it's no good if you can't play in your special dungarees ... Read more

Our Made-to-Last Designs

Our exclusive designs are aimed at more than just making products available to children; they also keep alive the practice of dressing our children beautifully while at the same time keeping things fun and playful. Every piece of kid's fashion we make is made to last. Fun and practical, our clothes are made to be loved, worn, and then handed on. We care about the quality of all pieces, which is why we create them by hand and deliver an incre... Read more

5-Star Customer Reviews

We have been serving our customers for years now, and we have earned many good reviews from them. Our customers have always shared with us how happy they are after visiting our store and have promised to return as well as bring their friends and relatives. They have been our encouragement in serving you with even better professionalism and friendly care. We are always glad to see our clients satisfied and happy. Whenever there is an issue, w... Read more


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